Tuesday, September 22, 2009

For Park Jungsu~

..저는 슈퍼주니어의 리더 이 특 ..박 정 수 입니다..
~Park Jung Soo’s Cyworld Entry (September 22, 2009)
I am Super Junior’s Leader Lee Teuk… Park Jung Soo.
As I was trying to get over my anger over what happened to Kang In, I viewed Teukkie’s Minihompy. And this was his latest entry… Actually, there is another entitled “Hands” which is a message to ELF but even though I was touched by his message, I was caught off guard by this.
He is sad. It was in his status (in Cyworld). And I can’t help but feel so affected with how he introduced himself. Yeah, he is Lee Teuk, the leader of the well-loved Super Junior. But still, he is Park Jung Soo.
I cannot help but assume that this comes from Kang In’s assault case. It is his responsibility to take care of his dongsaengs, whom he love so much. Maybe he’s blaming himself that he wasn’t able to protect Kang In even though he is Lee Teuk. But of course, I pray that it’s not like that.
I have stated here once. Idols are not gods. And that includes my angel. I wish all the pain would just go away. And this goes for Kang In too. I pray that they remain strong. Things are getting tougher and tougher each day.
I know how it feels for a leader to see his members in pain. I cannot tolerate it too. It isn’t as easy as those netizens (or net murderers…) think. If only they know what they’re doing. If only they feel what they’re making Lee Teuk, Kang In, Super Junior and the rest of their victims feel… If only…
I am getting emotional with this. As someone who loves Teukkie so much, how can I not get affected? I want to believe that this is nothing for him, but I just cannot deny the feeling that what I’ve said is the message behind his post… 

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