Friday, September 18, 2009

Idols are NOT Gods

“Nobody’s perfect. So is there anyone who would want to be nobody?”
The assault issue made Kang In’s world compress. All of a sudden, critical eyes are MORE focused on him. Considering that he is an IDOL, I know that it cannot be stopped… However, I can’t stop myself too from asking ‘ISN’T IT WAY TOO OVERBOARD ALREADY?’
Here is my realization:
We consider idols as gods; as deities who can never be wrong and who are always perfect. We expect them to be in accordance to what we want them to be – for the reason that they owe their fame and fortune to us, fans. But have we ever asked ourselves: Is this how we love them?
Our idols… They have their own identity. They’re too far from perfection, as we all are. They have flaws behind those god-like appearances. They are still humans.
Kang In’s assault issue is yet to be cleared. Unless the investigation results are released, Kang In will always be the focus of those prying eyes. I am pretty certain that every move he makes is taken into account.  It is a total world-compression for him – something he should be used to since he’s a member of Super Junior, but something he can never say he’s happy with since it’s something negative.
I am not saying that I’m doubting Kang In. What I’m trying to imply with this is that Kang In needs time to be himself now, more than anytime. Whatever that CCTV cam shows, let it not dictate fate. If we love Kang In and Super Junior, we have to believe.
Please. I have one request:
Let us not restrict our idols from being themselves. We cannot expect them to always do the right thing. Allow them to commit mistakes. After all, life has a trial-and-error process. If they fail for the first time, let us not condemn. Instead, let us reach out a hand and help them stand up again – to be someone better for all of us.
Loving someone means accepting everything about that person. And I, personally, believe that it applies to fandom too. If we love our idols for what they can do, we must learn to love them for what they can’t be. In that way, we can be real fans. REAL LOVING FANS.

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