Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loving Leeteuk More and More...

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I don’t deny my overwhelming admiration for Lee Teuk. To me, he is almost everything I’ve always wanted in a guy. He seems so perfect. And just when I thought I couldn’t love him more, Kang In’s situation had proven me wrong.
For at the moment, I am loving Park Jung Soo more and more.

Lee Teuk had proven his ability to all of us by leading Super Junior well. He is known to be very caring and very sweet to his fellow members. I still remember when he tried to put the others to sleep while overseas for a concert… He handles everything well. He is a good leader.
But aside from it all, he is a brother.
Being the eldest among the thirteen boys-turned-guys, the responsibility of taking good care of the others is in his shoulders – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is really stressful but Teukkie can manage. He is indeed one of a kind.
Because he is an angel. He is his members’ angel.
Teukkie is the best thing that Kang In has today. The pictures above and all other images like it prove how he is as a HYUNG to his DONGSAENG. Even in the press conference, he is with Kang In (Though I don’t disregard Kim Hee Chul’s and Choi Si Won’s ways of comforting Kang In during the concert…). He never left.
I have to say I envy Kang In. He has Teukkie and the rest of the Super Junior members. But after a while, I realized that Teukkie did that for me too.
Leader Lee Teuk is the best thing in my life, so far. At trying times as this, his smile eases all the pain away. Seeing him dance and perform, hearing him sing and laugh – those are priceless. Those are things that tell me that Teukkie is being who he is to others… To me.
After all, he is an angel. He is his members’ angel… And he is my angel.

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