Thursday, September 24, 2009

How I Got to Love Super Junior?

I was feeling a little nostalgic so I decided to watch the video cut that started it all, which I am sharing now.
This was the video I think I have talked about already. This is the video that I bumped to, which introduced Super Junior to me.
Honestly, it is not just Kyu Hyun’s voice that made got me really addicted to them. I didn’t even find them god-like then. But what made me start to love them is the fact that they made me understand what brotherhood is.
After the duet, Teukkie was asked by Kang Ho Dong why he was crying. And as I understand it all, he just feels so happy that after the accident, Kyu Hyun is alive. Kyu Hyun is performing. Kyu Hyun is with them.
Yeah. That was touching. But there’s something that got me more emotional.
It is the fact that Lee Teuk is part of the accident too.
What I’m trying to say is this: Teukkie is happy that Kyu Hyun survived. But he said that as if he weren’t in danger too. I realized that it’s a brother that is speaking – a hyung who will do anything and everything for his dongsaeng.
I can’t find words to explain what I want to say. But to put it simply, Teukkie had prioritized Kyu Hyun and the group before himself. He could’ve said “When Super Junior sings with us, everybody will be happy.” But no, he put Kyu Hyun first and said those words as if nothing happened to him.
That taught me brotherhood. That taught me love more.
That made me love Super Junior.

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