Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sungmin with the Akilla Crew

There are really certain things which paint a genuine smile on your face just when you thought nothing couldn’t. Good thing I have proven it true.
Yesterday and today isn’t for me. Really. Apparently, I’m losing track of everything. I’m breaking down – emotionally and physically. And I’m wishing it wouldn’t affect my sanity.
Lots of things had happened. Things had been said. I was hurt. I was deprived of that thing called ‘pride’. But I couldn’t fight back. I can do nothing. I’m off against an unbeatable opponent. After all, I’m battling with someone I can call ‘myself’ too.
It was difficult. Very difficult.
But these photos managed to bring me back to myself. Seeing Sung Min’s smile and cuteness didn’t fail me. Until now, I was wishing that I could be a part of this team – working hard together, but definitely happy.
I wish I could be part of this ‘family’. So things would be better.

credits to avgogogo & ALL ABOUT 晟敏 + +
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