Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leeteuk was Hospitalized

On 28th September, Super Junior’s Leeteuk was hospitalized while filming KBS “Miracle” due to a high fever.
The crew members were worried for Leeteuk’s body as he did not look good during the filming. However, Leeteuk smiled and claimed that he was okay.
But, the bright lit indoor ice-skating rink made his body condition worse and he was then sent to the nearest hospital for treatment.
Super Junior members Yesung, Shindong and Eunhyuk said that Leeteuk had a case of fever a few days ago and they were afraid that he might have contracted swine flu.
After a short treatment, Leeteuk went back for recording and apologized for affecting the filming.
He also told the crew members not to worry about him.
Fortunately, he was tested in the hospital and the cause of his fever was mainly due to fatigue. He was discharged today.
credits: (in chinese); translated by kyubes @

This news caught me off-guard… Honestly, I was crying when I was reading this. It got me so nervous that I had to read the whole article and understand every word on it from the beginning till the end. AND IT’S NOT SO ME.
Thank God Teukkie’s okay. Thank God. Really.
Until now, I cannot help but be worried. Stress is eating him alive. OMG. I don’t want to see Teukkie breaking down because of over-fatigue anytime soon. I want him to always be healthy. I want him to always be happy.
Coz he deserves to be.
This post has proven me more of how great Teukkie is as a person. If you try to review the post, you’ll get to understand that after he was discharged, he continued filming and even apologized for the delay. He is really something.
His self seems to be his last priority when it comes to work. He doesn’t complain. He is just giving his best. And even though it costs him his health, he doesn’t seem to care at all – for the production team, for his dreams, for Super Junior, for us.
Teukkie is really the person I look up to when it comes to this kind of things. He has proven himself already but he still continues to do so. He never gives up. He always works hard. And that makes me love him more and more.
I wish I could tell him I care… personally or even just through a message. I wish I could take care of him… He needs time to rest. He needs to get back his energy. I wish I could give them all to him.
And I know I can… Every ELF can.
Let’s support Teukkie. Let’s wish him well. Let’s include him in our prayers.

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