Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Finally Have Leeteuk

In my recent post, Heechul’s Got Something to Say to ICEPLUSCOFFEE for Me, I mentioned there that I would really want to give Heechul to Sarah as a gift. But obviously, it’s a dream. But she appreciated the thought, and to that I’m very happy. ^_^ 
But I never thought of receiving something back – something much more special, something much more sweet. I wasn’t able to give her Heechul, but look, she gave me Teukkie. 
I then remembered the promise God has made to me. As I go through a difficult time, I was reminded that life could never be too dark. There is always a reason to smile. And once again, God used the same instrument again to tell me that I’m not to give up; that I’m never giving up.   

God made use of Super Junior once again. But this time, He had used another person – Sarah. And for all who don’t know yet, she was the one who painted Teukkie’s image above. She is the one who gave me this as a present. She is the one who feels like a REAL sister to me. She is the one whom I consider my favorite dongsaeng…
She is the one I dearly love. :)
A random post, this may be. I really can’t think straight right now. I’m still overwhelmed with joy. Thanks Sarah. I love you :)

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