Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Cutest Person on Earth is in South Korea

credits: zsa2687 @ youtube

Here I go again with Sungmin. I guess I’ll never grow tired of asking ‘Why on earth is he this cute and adorable!?’ Gah! It makes me want to go to South Korea and hug this rabbit tight, and never let go!
I’ve watched the whole video from which this clip was taken and it was translated. So as far as I remember, right after Sungmin introduced himself, the female host asked Sungmin to show some of his cuteness… And so our rabbit did. What he said was “Noona, I’m hungry.” that drove the whole studio laughing… and me, melting.
Seriously and honestly, this video casted Sungmin’s spell on me. How he said he’s hungry felt like an enchantment to me. This video introduced me to my belief that the cutest person on Earth is in South Korea. And up until now, I’ve got no plans of changing it.
And if I am to decide, I would give Sungmin a Guiness World Record. Hmmm… How can I start the nomination?

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