Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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I’ve been wanting to create a blog entry about Eunhyuk. But my mind is always occupied by other things. But now that my mind’s SOMEHOW clear, I’m taking this chance to write something about our dear Hyukkie…
He is the second cutest next to Sungmin for me. Eunhyuk has this charisma which I cannot really deny. ELFs will definitely know what I’m talking about. Eunhyuk has the gift of making people love him easily. He may not be the first to be recognized always, but if one gets to finally know him, there’s no turning back… Addiction comes next.

Eunhyuk’s a dork. And he’s a cutie. I love his smiles too. I love his eyes. I love how his jaws appear whenever he laughs. I love how he becomes a kid in front of his co-members. Well, ask yourself: What is there not to love?

But here’s the truth: Eunhyuk has the gift of making people feel so loved. I don’t know how it happened to me but everytime he speaks to ELFs in general, I feel like it’s directed to me alone. In his Cyworld entries, it’s as if he’s talking to me. It’s as if I’m the one he’s always directing his messages to.

Then I realized, it’s not me, alone, who feels that way. There are million – no, billion – ELFs around the world. It’s not impossible for others to share the same feeling with me. :)

Aissh. When will I ever get to create a decent post?

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