Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Begging... Leave Kangin Alone.

How long has it been since the first issue about Kangin erupted? I cannot remember anymore… Has a month passed already? I can’t tell… I can’t think well anymore if it’s about him…
God… Another issue came up. A photo of a ‘drunken’ Kangin with a woman emerged out of nowhere. It flared the netizens more, or should I say, the POWERFUL ‘headless chickens’ (as how JunYoung referred to them all).  But I believe that it isn’t recent. Kangin was just framed up.  Whoever posted it just wants to use the issue for fame. But netizens wouldn’t believe. Because whatever that drags Kangin down, they will support.
It was unexpected. It caught me by surprise. And now I keep on thinking, how is Kangin now?
I can’t help but cry as I create this post. I can’t help but shed tears as I stare at the picture above. Even though I am sure that it is not a recent photo, still, I feel – Kangin’s eyes are asking me for help. Kangin’s eyes are demanding for comfort. Kangin’s eyes are telling me that he’s hurting…
And it pains me so much to realize that I cannot do anything except sign the petition supporting him and express my support and love through this blog – without any assurance that he will be able to read this.
And as I continue to hope that this will reach him, I am also praying that the netizens will be able to read my posts. I can’t say more. All I’m just feeling is everything’s incomplete. I miss Kangin. I miss Super Junior as a whole.
Netizens, please stop this. I know you’re also fans of other artists. And should the same thing happen to your idols, I know you will also retaliate, and share the pain too. I know you understand. Nobody’s perfect in this world. But as I’ve said, there are pure people.
You say he’s unbecoming of an idol. You say that he has to keep up the good and clean image. You say he must be a good example to his fans. You say he’s not supposed to drink with women. You say he should always take into account the fact that eyes are on him wherever he is. You say it is his duty to always do the best things.
But I say he’s human. And I say he’s not perfect, like how all of you want him to be.
On bended knees, I beg you, netizens… Leave our Kangin alone. He is suffering a lot now. He has already admitted his fault and apologized. He’s in a hiatus now. He’s learning his lessons. He’s contemplating on his mistakes. Please, leave him alone now. Please…
Look, you’ve already put million ELFs around the world in pain with Kangin. Isn’t it enough? You aimed to destroy one individual yet you damaged more than a million hearts, worldwide.
One favor. Try to look at the mirror and stare at your reflection for a while. You’re just the same as the ‘Kangin’ YOU have in mind. Why not try to be OUR Kangin, even just for a minute? Why not dig down deep in your hearts the virtue of understanding and love?
I beg you, netizens… I beg you.

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