Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Super Junior: The Product of SME's Greatness

“Great things aren’t done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh
When I read this quote from a friend’s planner, I thought of Super Junior at once. Great things. Small things. Brought together. Super Junior.
A lot of you might ask  “WHY?”, but honestly, I don’t have an answer to tell. But I have a realization to share.
As we all know, Super Junior had gone through rigid training to be what they are today. Years were counted before they debuted to the Korean music industry. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t always happy. It consists of sufferings, sacrifices and pain.
But look where they are now.
I know, I know. The boys are talented. The boys are everything we all have always wanted. There is this unusual charisma in them that makes them well-loved. I know that.. I do.
But have you ever taken their company into consideration with their success?
I remembered Teukkie in the first episode of Super Junior’s Miracle. I can barely remember the exact words he said but he implied that Lee Soo Man is his miracle. For if not the owner of SM Entertainment, Super Junior could have just been a dream.
Yeah. SM Entertainment. It contributed much to its artists’ success. Well, I know it’s quite ironic since I’ve been criticizing the company with regards to Kang In’s and DBSK’s cases, but I just can’t run away from the fact that SM Entertainment brought me Super Junior.
Great thing = Super Junior. Small things = training, debut, schedules. (Yeah, these are small things as compared to the fame of the boys.) KEYWORD? TIMING.
SM Entertainment had provided lots of things to put Super Junior in the pedestal – done in the best timing. They make sure that Super Junior and all its artists will always be at the top at the time when everyone’s expecting them to do. The company are doing small things to come up with something as great as Super Junior.
Hmm… It sounds like for pure business though.
SM Entertainment can create stars, can make them all shine brightly… But oh well, yeah, THEM taking care of and protecting their stars is STILL QUITE questionable for me. :) 

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