Friday, October 23, 2009

Heechul's Got Something to Say to ICEPLUSCOFFEE for Me

credits: Deesha9276 @ photobucket
Okay, okay… It isn’t true… Heechul has nothing to do with this post. But ICEPLUSCOFFEE has, of course. For my chocolate syndrome attack is now directed to her. ^^
I’ve been a big fan of ICEPLUSCOFFEE ever since I officially indulged myself on fangirling and Super Junior. It satisfied my obsession towards the boys since everything there is basically written or translated in languages I can understand (ICEPLUSCOFFEE’s a Filipina, and it doesn’t get any better than that. ^^).
After I met the person behind ICEPLUSCOFFEE through Twitter and Facebook , I realized that it’s not her site that I love anymore… It’s actually the person who’s doing her best to give her readers the latest updates about our boys…
– An ELF, a blogger, a friend, a sister.
I don’t know if I already have the right to do this. But my guts wouldn’t let me not. And I pray that this post will reach her. :)
Being an ELF gave me so much opportunity to meet wonderful people across Asia. I’ve got myself some Thai, Korean and Indonesian friends. But most of all, I’ve got to find a Filipina sister in Sarah. And this I want her to know: She is actually my favorite dongsaeng in the world that is Sapphire Blue.
I wish I could just see and hug her each day. But geographical reasons wouldn’t let me. So in this post, I give the tightest embrace to her with the message that I will always be thankful to God that once in my life, I got to come across a site called ICEPLUSCOFFEE, which actually is a reason why The Angels’ Haven was created.
I know my post’s going random again. But I’m writing from my heart…
Sarah, thank you so much for giving me the chance to become an unnie to you. And for all the cute and sweet nothings we’ve shared over the internet, I want to tell you that you will always be a part of my life as an ELF. As I live through my promise of loving Super Junior for all of my life, I can say that there comes another promise that I will be an unnie to you, as long as I live. I wish to give you Heechul, but of course I don’t want your site to be shut down. (haha!) Too much mushiness can never compensate for the support you’ve given to The Angels’ Haven and to me, personally. Words can never be enough too. But still, thank you Sarah. ^^

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