Friday, October 9, 2009


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If one of these guys proposes to you a marriage, how would you react? What would you say? Will you ever try to reconsider anything anymore? Or will you be impulsive enough to pick happiness?
I have decided. I would say YES to Leeteuk. It has nothing with his ramen. But the fact that he admitted that the only food he can cook well is ramen, it gave me that impression that he will easily appreciate whatever I will cook for him. And seriously, I find him most serious.
Well, honestly, more than the *kilig* brought by this video of Super Junior proposing marriage on Christmas, I was quite attached to the words of wisdom some of them had said…
When Sungmin asked for time to prove that he loves his girl more, I was touched. I told myself, he becomes the ‘mature’ Sungmin that I’ve always wanted to see – way too different from the cute Sungminnie that we all know.
To me, I would always want someone to prove to me each and everyday of our lives that he loves me more than I love him. Coz that gives me the assurance that I will be the only woman in his heart.
“‘I love you’ is not something you say only with your mouth. You say it with your eyes, fingertips and your breath as well…” When Ryeowook said this, I melted. I realized that the eternal magnae is not a magnae after all. His idea of love is something worth considering. For I agree with him.
Love isn’t proven merely by words. It needs actions. Because the mouth can tell lies. But the actions never do. These two things come together. As the old saying goes: “Words without actions are confusing. But actions without words are more confusing.”
And of course… Leeteuk… When he said: “…the only best thing I could do? It’s loving you.” I was covering my mouth and holding back my tears. I don’t know what came to me to react this much but I did. And I am not ashamed.
Coz that is one thing that I’ve always wanted to hear from someone dear to me. I want him to love me with the best he could – without questions, without hesitations.
I know the proposal is not for me. But it made me think. It made me believe in love again. Thank you, Super Junior. Thank you, Lee Teuk.
I suddenly remembered Shindong. Such kind of proposal is also my dream. Having watched it from Love Actually, it never left me. 

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