Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beautiful In & Out

credits: Maiden_Rose | reup: Izurei @
I have declared my undying love towards the leader, Leeteuk. There’s no question on that, and I have no idea of turning against my words. But there are things I cannot just deny – like the fact that even though it is the leader that I love, Kim Heechul is still the most beautiful guy for me.
I know that there are lots of other pictures which shows off Heenim’s beauty despite being a man. Yet, the pictures above appealed much to me. He doesn’t seem to be wearing make up at all. It looked so natural. And that made things better than usual.
There are more pictures on but I’ve chosen these few. Stare at it. You’re gonna realize that Heenim could be the male counterpart of Kim Taehee (Love Story in Harvard, Forbidden Love, Stairway to Heaven). And as I consider the actress one of the most beautiful ladies on Earth, it’s no wonder why Heechul became my most beautiful man on the planet.
Okay, okay. So allow me to put sense to this article. It’s such a rare occurrence to find someone as gorgeous as he is. But beyond these god-like appearance is also a beautiful heart. So I guess, it is just right to say that beauty radiates from within. Since he’s beautiful inside, he becomes much more gorgeous outside.
Woah. Now, I know the secret.

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