Friday, October 30, 2009

A Disease Called Sungmin

Credits: 엔젤밍 & Sungmin’s Baidu
Reuploaded by: ★_Excentrique @

I’ve read a fan account about Akilla on It is quite a summary of what happened in the musical but basically, it explains the story too (GREAT ARTICLE!). Now, what am I pointing at?

The story was a serious one. It’s quite like Romeo and Juliet but with Sungmin on it, I have to say that it’s a lot better. Now, look at the picture above. What do you think?
The truth is, I’m taken aback by Sungmin’s playfulness in the picture. It seems like he’s really enjoying what he’s doing. Yes, Akilla’s story is really enjoyable but it doesn’t seem to be the only reason why Sungmin is as happy as he is in the picture.
I wish to see him like this forever. As usual, his happiness is contagious. I wonder how the audience felt when they saw him in flesh as this photo was taken. I honestly envy them.
Sungmin actually has the power to make everything light for me. As a friend of mine used to say, he’s a disease. Epidemic. And he’s a disease I would want to have. He’s a disease I wouldn’t ask a cure for.
Yeah, this post seems to be senseless. I’m sorry.

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