Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Donghae!!!


It’s turning two o’clock in the morning here in the Philippines and I’m still wide awake. Perhaps, I cannot sleep because I am bound to really write an article about my prince, Lee Donghae, on his 23rd birthday today. ^^
Next to Teukkie, I prefer Fishy. His physical appearance is really captivating. His prominent jawline, his well-shaped nose, his expressive eyes and his bewitching smile… Then comes his dancing skills, his singing prowess, his dorkiness… All these are irresistible.
But on top of it all, I loved Donghae because I knew how he loves his family. When his father died, everybody knew how much it affected him, that he even cried on interviews, guestings and performances. How he loves his father shows how much he values people he owes his life to.
Donghae is the kind of person who I would be willing to fight for anytime. Whenever he smiles, it just melts me. And as I have said in my first post in this page, I see a kid whenever I see him. It just makes me want to take care of him all the time.
And though he just turned 23 today, I am sure that the Donghae that I love will remain to be my Donghae forever. Yes, he will mature but he will never grow up. He will always be that dork. He will always be that prince. He will always be that first member to say he’s the most handsome of them all. He will always be Donghae.
He will always be Super Junior’s and ELFs’. :)

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