Friday, October 9, 2009

Kang In's Absence in Dream Concert: What has It Proven?

This is not right. This is not fair. Kang In was taken out of Asia Song Festival. Now, he won’t be performing at the so-called “Dream Concert.”
What exactly is happening with SM Entertainment!? What they did to DBSK is quite comprehensible. I can understand from where they’re coming from. But with Kang In, where is the basis?
Yes, Kang In is involved in an assault case. Yes, Korea’s fans are something to consider. But hey, have people ever tried to considered, EVEN JUST ONCE, that Kang In had just defended himself? I am pretty sure that even the most patient person in the world would surely retaliate if he gets fed up with annoying people around him.
I hate to say this, but is this how SM Entertainment takes care of its artists? I know I’m not in the position to criticize the company. I am not even a Korean. But to think that I am a fan, I think I have the right, even just a size of a dot, to say what I’m saying now.
I wouldn’t want to think of this but seems like COMPETITION is really going way too overboard with SM Entertainment. I know many will agree when I say that SM is trying to compete with JYP… Yeah, poor Jaebom and Kang-in.
I’m sorry but I can’t help but think that money indeed makes the world go round for SM. As long as the company earns a lot, then they wouldn’t care about how their artists and fans will feel; considering the fact that their profits come from these people
I am firm on my stand. Kang In should not be taken out of the “DREAM” Concert for something that is not proven yet. Yes, he was involved according to that CCTV cam footage, but will that involvement end everything about him?
One thing people should learn is that


And that does not exclude a Super idol as Kang In.

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