Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Angel Without Wings... My Love.

Too much news about Kangin kept me pre-occupied that I almost forgot my angel… I was too busy defending Kangin from his detractors that I almost forgot that he’s not the only one hurting…
Park Jungsoo… The leader, the angel. Super Junior’s leader, MY angel.
Honestly, it’s a relief for me to see this image on his Cyworld, along with an entry thanking Chinese ELFs for very happy memories during the Super Show II there… Considering the fact that Teukkie is getting more and more irresistible, I was able to divert my attention back to him from Kangin.
It pains me knowing that Kangin is going through a lot of heartaches now. But what hurts me more is that among the members, I know that it is Teukkie who is most affected next to Kangin. Why? Because he is the leader. Because for him, it is his responsibility to take care of his members… of his brothers.
But I believe that Teukkie is not losing hope, as I do. With the picture above, I felt so light. I felt like everything’s going to be fine. Because the angel descended once again… And the angel is ready to do everything he can to make things better for everyone.
And in advance, I want to thank my angel… For being so caring, for being so responsible, for being so loving. And for standing beside everyone else in the roughest time as this…

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