Monday, October 5, 2009

Super Junior & DBSK: There's More than Just the Rivalry

There was nothing to write.. Not until I saw this video.
Super Junior… My most loved boy group in the whole wide world. This site could prove to anyone just how these boys changed my life. They are my most precious. They are my Super Junior…
DBSK… The boy group that opened my eyes to appreciating singers with songs I don’t understand… They are MY next-to-Super Junior group…
Whenever I try to mix these two, I often get the impression and assumption that it’s never gonna be fine. Perhaps because of too much fangirling that could affect my intention…
Well, to put it simply, these two groups are more than just rivals. They are indeed brothers. And I love them for that.
The video above is scripted, as any music video is… But with the smiles and actions of the members of each group, I am pretty certain that this didn’t make use of the script at all. ^^ Didn’t you notice that everything seemed so natural?
Because they are real with each other. Because they don’t wear masks in front of each other. Because they’re more than singers from the same company. They’re brothers. They’re family.
And this goes to fans of each group: If there are some of you who cannot appreciate the existence of these two, better start practicing. Coz if you really love your idols, you have to be able to accept whatever decision they make.. And that includes who to take as friends. :)
I love Super Junior. and I love DBSK too. :)
Hope things will be even more better for them, two. :)

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