Monday, October 26, 2009

Too Much Jetlag, I Guess?

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Here is a fan shot of Sungmin in the Incheon Airport… Yes, people… It is our Sungmin.. and he seems, uhm, TIRED.
Honestly, as his Neorago performance did, this picture breaks my heart. Well, maybe I’m really not just used to seeing Sungminnie as tired as this. I’ve always seen him as a strong-willed person who has unlimited stocks of smile for everyone.
But maybe, I just have to be reminded: Sungmin is still human. He gets tired. So he needs rest. He needs breaks. And at this moment, I am pretty sure that he’s deprived of those. Too busy schedules just wouldn’t let him enjoy now, and so the result is shown above.
It’s painful for me to see Sungmin that way but one thing that eases it all is the fact that I know why he’s doing everything. It is because he loves us. He loves us so much that giving us entertainment and happiness becomes his first priority – because we are his fans. And he loves us, really.
Then I just realized… He’s in the airport when this shot was taken… Maybe it’s jetlag… Don’t you think? :)

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