Saturday, October 24, 2009

An Inspiration

credits: thefamouscookiedough @ yt

I have been playing the piano since I was in second grade but the truth is, for 12 years, it’s still difficult for me to play my favorite instrument. I can play, yes, but when someone asks me to play songs other than those I know, I’m dead. I cannot really read notes that fast. Okay, okay.. I’m an idiot.
But Kim Ryeowook is not. The video above will prove it to you. He’s got talent – REAL TALENT. His ability to create music cannot be questioned. He has the skills that I’ve always wanted to possess. I envy him in every way I can. Well, who doesn’t, anyway?
I have this wish of becoming like him someday… I want to create the best music there is through a piano… I dream to be loved by music as much as it loves him…
But above it all, I just want to be like Wookie… Simple and sincere.
If you notice, he doesn’t always expose this talent. Yes, we know about it and he plays the piano during concerts and guestings but it’s not always. Well, what I just want to say is that whenever given the chance to expose this talent of his, he does not think twice. He just do. And he does not boast about it.
And with the magic of each sound he creates as he beautifully strikes those keys, sincerity is felt. He has this way of justifying the songs he play; making it more majestic, making it sweeter, making it more touching to hear.
Ryeowook has the talent I’ve always wanted to have. And from now on, he will be my inspiration to become a great pianist as him…

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