Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My World that is Sapphire Blue

I have a theory. A person does not have a single world. He has, like, multiple lives to live in multiple worlds that he’s in. And those worlds, they get destroyed.  They explode like stars. They never last. But it goes along the fact that as there are explosions, there are formations too. Worlds are created on the time that some fades. Random? No. You just have to think deeper to understand.
You see, I have just been broken. The thing called “LOVE” failed me for the nth time. Sure thing, you can laugh at me for being so emotional but there will be one point on this entry that you’ll agree with me, I know. 
Amidst all the pain, I can still smile. It’s no wonder. I’ve got a world of my own. I’ve got a place to go to where I am a princess, where everything’s mine, where I can be happy. I’ve got my paradise, my haven – a place so far from pain, a place which does not include him. And hey, I’ve got lots of other worlds too.
I could cry now. I could weep all night and plan how to get him back. But I wouldn’t. First, it’s because it’s his choice and I wouldn’t interfere with his happiness. Second, I’m too tired to do so AGAIN. And above it all, the truth is: even though I am hurting, I can be happy on my own. I realized that I’ve got a life to live – a life he can never control, a life so invincible. 
Yes, I’m still praying that things will turn out right. I am not stupid to admit that I want him back but let time heal all wounds. I don’t believe in destiny, but I’m too tired to insist my favored ending of this story. Besides, it’s too early to decide on the conclusion of our story. I’m just letting God decide. I’m giving up my free will. He’s the greatest novelist, and I know He’s writing the best love story for me. 
For now, I am restless but I’m okay. I’m enjoying the world I’m in. This is the world that is Sapphire Blue, a world where magic rhymes with majesty; a world where nothing could hurt me; a world that is mine… 
A world with Super Junior.

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