Saturday, October 17, 2009


Agree with me on this: It’s the netizens’ year. Well, at least, they think it’s theirs. Aisssh. When will they ever stop!? I love South Korea, but when it comes to netizens, I would really go for other countries’.
First, DBSK. Second, it’s Jaebom of 2PM… Now, who? KANG IN! Kim Youngwoon! Super Junior’s Kang In, OUR KANG IN!
Okay, okay… I’m staying calm. But I just can’t help but really retaliate when I knew about the issue of netizens petitioning to ban Kang In.
Yes, Kang In is guilty. But as any ELF and wide-minded people believe in, HE IS JUST A HUMAN WHO MAKES MISTAKES.
Isn’t this getting more and more stupid? Why are netizens more powerful than law? Why are netizens more accepted than idols – idols who wants nothing but to give their fans all the happiness they could give? Why are netizens more understood by the public? Why are netizens like that!!!!????
Sure thing. An idol is expected to set good examples. And Kang In is an idol. But the definition doesn’t include the adjective ‘perfect’. After all, Kang In is still human. He is never perfect. Well, no one is. Especially netizens.
I remembered a story from the Bible… It was the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It was when she was caught committing adultery and was sentenced to death by stones. She ran to Jesus for help and so Jesus spoke:


To the netizens who signed the petition to ban Kang In, I am no Jesus. But who among you are sinless? Who among you are perfect? Who among you had done nothing wrong even once in his life? Who among you breathes diamond?
Yes, I am not Korean, I may just be an unknown fan of Super Junior… But nothing changes the fact that I love the boys, I love Kang In. And if anyone among them is hurting, then I can’t help but feel the same way too. Coz I am an ELF, and ELFs and Super Junior is one.
I stand by Kang In. I stand by him no matter what. I don’t have excuses for what he did. But I have lots to convince people that Kang In SHOULD NOT BE BANNED.
Jaebom’s out from 2PM. Hottests are now hurting. And I suppose netizens are happy now. Enough is enough. You can’t do this to ELFs. Please netizens,


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