Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Donghae Was, Is, and Will Always be My Kid

Lee Dong Hae… A 1986-baby. And for the past 22 years, has he ever grown up?
Yes. He did. But not to the extent that he is no longer a child. Because he was, he is, and he will always be a kid to me.
But first, let me just make it clear. I’m not referring to Donghae as childish. I am implying that his being child-like, his dorkiness – these are things we all love him for, don’t we?
Whenever I look at Donghae, especially on fan-taken shots, I don’t see the Donghae of Super Junior. I see the Donghae who grew up in Mokpo, a loving son, a younger brother and a very fun-loving guy. Honestly, he doesn’t seem to be pretending.
Truly, we all just have to live life like how Donghae does. Amidst the difficulties, hardships and sacrifices, Donghae continues to be happy. I know he’s not invincible. He goes through pain too, but the world never knows unless he speaks. That is one ability not everyone has.
He continues to be the kid. He continues to be the child that he is. He has the youngest heart among the members, I have to say. Why? Again, it’s because Donghae knows how to be happy.
And as he celebrates his 23rd birthday on the fifteenth of October, I was thinking, will he change? I wish him not. Because though I will still accept him, it would be really difficult for me when I start to miss this dork.
I would prefer him to be this way. Because I want him to be always happy.

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