Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4JIB: Another Chapter of History

The boys keep on teasing us. They’re constantly telling us about the 4jib. What’s that about? Hmmm. For non-SJ fans, it’s just an ordinary album coming out. But to E.L.F.s, it’s like a God-given grace we’re waiting to arrive.
It’s the last week of April. And they’re releasing the album on May. Rumors say that it’s a vampire concept. And that made me unable to think straight. My angel’s blonde now. Come on, how hot could it get to see a bloodsucker hotter than Edward Cullen?
I’m hyper-ventilating at the thought. What more if it is here already?
Everytime I visit SJ update sites, and read the members’ tweets, I really can’t help but feel the excitement. Even though I’m in the office, I can’t really contain the joy it gives me. In a few days time, I’m gonna hear new songs, see new pictures, watch new videos.
It’s like getting ready in entering a brand new dimension… Where vampires abound.


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