Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Kim Jongwoon…

You are an AB and you have successfully proven me that you are one.
I have to admit, if not for your die-hard fan beside me, I wouldn’t be noticing you a lot. But then I realized, thanks to that girl that you caught my attention and you caught me off guard.
Because you were so hot that night. You showed off your arms and well-defined muscles. You wore sleeveless when nobody else wouldn’t and your memory of being the one without reactions will remain fresh in my mind.
Oppa, I don’t have much to remember of you except that wacky dance you did during Hyuk’s introduction and that green glass you wore. Yet I want you to know that you will forever be my Yesung-oppa whom I’ll look up to when it comes to singing.
And oh, I pray you didn’t get offended when that Chinese girl from our section fired you with her water gun during the Pajama Party performance.
I pray you’d get to sing for us once more. And I hope that you wouldn’t have to leave after that.
Thank you, oppa. :)
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