Sunday, April 18, 2010

He's Happy

Oh my God. This day has been truly one of the best days of my life.


The truth is, I’m not contented with these pictures. Call me selfish but I really want him back. I want him back with Super Junior. This may sound so contradicting, with all I’ve said before, but that’s the truth. I want to count from 1 to 13 again. And God knows how much I want to count Geng in.
Yet, I stand by what I say.
In these pictures, I can’t see his eyes. But my heart tells me that this is where he has always wanted to be – peaceful, not controlling, free. I know you’re fine with where he is now. That smile I have always longed for has now presented itself to me, as if saying “Don’t worry, I’m happy.”
I’m keeping up with my promise. Though it hurts, I’m gonna be beside Geng and support him all the way. Yes, I want to see him back with Super Junior but if he chooses not to, I’ll cry, but I’ll accept it later on.
Because as I’ve said, I would rather get myself hurt and suffer than see him or any members in that state.
But I’ll still 13elieve. I prom15e…

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