Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Cho Kyuhyun…

I often call you evil but that night, you become my prince and the sweetest person in the whole wide world.
When I saw you and heard you voice, I felt sleepy. Your voice is great on records but it’s greater when heard live. God knows how much I admired you that night, and ever since I become and SJ fan.
Though I couldn’t remember what you did for the introduction, it’s still clear to me how your voice cracked because of Shindong-oppa. That was funny, but still you were so handsome. ^^
When you forgot a line and Siwon hugged you, I smiled. I really like your smile then. It was the sweetest ever. You were like a kid being comforted by an older brother after being embarrassed by what you accidentally did.
And the stare, Kyuhyun-oppa… The stare you gave the fish when you guys were singing Who am I. It was heartwarming. For the first time, I felt like yeah, you were never the maknae. Hae’s obviously a kid compared to you. The stare and the nods you give him was priceless. I wish everyone got to see that.
Then came the dance performances. OMG. You were really awesome. I was just watching it on videos, and then you performed it live. Indeed, oppa, you should belong to the dance group of SuJu now. It’s as if you were never injured prior to coming to Manila.
It’s just too bad that you didn’t face our section during your solo.
But what you did before you went off the stage was really the sweetest thing ever. You refuse to stand up. you remained in your bowed position for a minute or two. So I started screaming your name, and the rest of the crowd followed. Then you stood up and waved goodbye.
I teared then. I am just not ready to leave as you. But I hope you had a great time, Evil Prince. I love you~

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