Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Mochi and Zhou Mi…

God knows how happy I am to realize that you are the happiest members that night.
Mochi and Mimi… You had your solos. And I know that we did make you feel that you are accepted and supported by Filipino fans. Though I believe that none of the fan projects were successful, it’s just so great to realize that we managed to push through the fan projects for the both of you.
Mochi, when you were dancing Super Girl, I can feel your hype and joy. Really. You were giving you best shot then, because I know that you want to give the best to us. It was a great thing to remember.
But what’s greater was when you wore that Calvin Klein boxers. You were really so cute, Mochi. :)
And Mimi… I’m just so proud of you. When you appeared on stage, I seriously taught it was Teukkie again. But when I realized that it was you who’s gonna sing, I felt more excited. Because that’s the first solo I believed you’ll do. If I am not mistaken, that was the first time you’re gonna sing for us, alone.
And I’m just so happy that you did a great job. You appreciated the Hello Kitty fans we were holding, and you’re constantly smiling. I knew you liked it. It’s obvious with your smiles.
Mochi and Mimi… Thank you for doing your best. Thank you for appreciating the Filipino people. Thank you for sticking with Super Junior, amidst all the issues being thrown to you.
Thank you very much. I love you both. :)
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