Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Choi Siwon…

I’ve been looking for you, but you disappeared. There were lots of things I could’ve seen you do, but I’d rather endure that than see you drained.
“The Living Work of Art”. Indeed you are, Siwonnie-oppa. I may just be a few meters from you but no one can deny the fact that your body is well-defined. You’re definitely sexy, and no one can accuse me of lying.
“Who loves you? Jesus!” – With these words, you turned Araneta into a charismatic group. From then, I knew that your faith is so strong that nobody could ever defy. It was really heartwarming that you do those things… And I love you for being so proud of your faith and for teaching me more how to love God.
During the introduction, when you were playing with Kyu and continuously flashing his abs, I was staring at you. I was just thinking of how lucky I am, considering that there are still people who don’t know you and Super Junior here in the Philippines. I realized that in front of me is one Korean actor I have always looked up to. And you’re playing with the prince. I just love going back to that memory.
You flashed your own abs too. And you took your coat off and showed your beautiful body. I was close to breaking down then. For those few seconds, you have shown me a living proof of an “Adonis”.
I just want you to know that of all the solos, yours was the one I’ve been looking forward to. Not just because it was you who’ll be singing but because you’ll be singing one of my favorite songs. Before the concert, I told myself that I want to sing with you. Because that would make all the difference for me. I knew from the start that when you start singing WHO AM I?, I’ll be crying…
And I didn’t go wrong. I was shedding joyful tears when you were singing, and the more it flowed when Teukkie, Sungmin, Donghae and Kyuhyun appeared to sing with us.
I knew then who am I. I am His servant who’s bound to give my life to Him alone; and bound to enjoy His blessings, as that night. ^^
I’m sure that after the song number, you said a prayer for us. I didn’t understand. People were shouting behind me. But I’m sure that you asked God to bless us. And so, I thank you. And I pray that God blesses you too.
That was a great thing to remember… But the hug that you gave Kyuhyun at the end of the Angela performance was the one that keeps on playing in my mind. You hugged the prince because he forgot the line “Negyeote Yeongwonhi..” (Though I thought it was Hae’s)
That was sweet.
But what’s sweeter was how you asked us to support the 4th album in English. You surprised me by how knowledgeable you are of the language.
God.. Thanks for Siwon. And I hope he’ll be better soon.
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