Thursday, April 1, 2010

It Isn’t the Best Time to Let Go


I know. I can never be sure. Geng’s case against SM Entertainment is still ongoing. Nobody knows when it’s gonna end and what its outcomes could be. But at the moment, only one thing is sure. Hangeng is back. It’s just that it’s not with Super Junior.
I know it sucks. We’ve gotten used to seeing Geng with the other twelve. We prom15ed to 13elieve. Yet Geng’s in China. The others are continuing their lives in Korea. What does this mean?
I don’t want to think like Hangeng’s permanently out of Super Junior. Because I know it wouldn’t be that easy for him to just let go of everything. I know he’s coming back. I told you, I prom15ed to 13elieve. And I have no plans of turning my back against those decisions.
Maybe, I was just too excited in seeing this picture. I was too overwhelmed to see him again. Though he’s gotten like a little older and seemed stress, he is still the Hangeng that I love. My Chinese Prince. My 3rd oldest oppa. He will always be my Hankyung.
And though quite impossible, I am not losing hope. I want to see him with the other 14 on the 10th of April here in the Philippines. It’s the last leg of the Super Show 2 and I pray that they’ll consider it; along with Kibum and Kangin.
Photo source here
News article here. Thanks to icepluscoffee. :)

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