Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Park Jungsoo..


When I learned that you were injured on the week prior to the Super Show 2 here in manila, I swear I’ve almost gone crazy. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if you wouldn’t be able to come. You are the first person I want to see and you just COULDN’T NOT attend.
Selfish as I am, I prayed for an assurance, and come Saturday night, you were there – so gorgeous and angelic; beautiful in every sense, beautiful in the most beautiful way. You’re not in your best form but still, you flashes your smile and dimple on me, and everytime you do that, I die and live again.
Mabuhay Philippines!” I wish I recorded it when you said that. Shindong’s introduction was epic but yours is still the most special. Your dance was simple yet it was the most extravagant for me. For the words came from the angel… MY ANGEL.
Your solo performance was fun but the truth is, I’m as uncomfortable as you are. I was really jealous of how that girl touched you. There was something different on it. And I don’t like the way she dances on you, and though I love you, I don’t like the ending wherein you have to act like you’re kissing her. TT_TT
Jungsoo-oppa, you know what? When you went out during Siwon’s solo, I was crying. Because you sang my favorite song, along with my other biases. You performed in English, for the Lord. And that made it really unforgettable.
After that, you performed Rokkugo. You were wearing yellow and boy! was I so happy! That is my favorite color and I was just so thrilled to see a part of me in you. Mushy but true. Then you did sit-ups while singing. I was so proud of you then! I know it’s a show-off but it’s still difficult and you managed to do that. REALLY CUTE.
During Shining Star, I was just staring at you. You were crying as I was crying again too. I can’t contain the gratefulness that finally, you were just in front of me – and you’re the most majestic sight to see. I wanted to take pictures of you but it would always appear TOO BRIGHT; as if you’re shining. Then, I realized that indeed, you are my star and my angel.
That night, I wanted to hold your hand and that made me feel really sad. I wish I was close enough to you so that I could’ve gotten the chance to get the shirt you’ve given someone else. I was really heartbroken. :(
Nevertheless, I still love you, oppa. Because you are still the most beautiful person in my eyes. Because you are still the person I’ll forever treasure and cherish in my heart. Because you will always be my angel without wings.
The memory of that night especially the moment when you were collecting the condoms, it was priceless. I saw th joy I’ve always wanted to see. I saw the smile I see only on TV. I saw you happy and none could ever equate that. God knows how thankful I am, oppa. For He made me witness a miracle that is you.
You promised you’re coming back, I’ll be waiting, love.
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  1. i don't know Jung soo but you almost made me cry with this entry. Gosh, miss you are really awesome! you make me like these guys and it is so scary. especially when i had read from your other entry that they are somewhat telling goodbye in their current album.. haay.

    1. i'm glad that somehow, this blog is still contributing to people liking super junior~~~ :D


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