Friday, April 9, 2010

Rata Rata Araneta!


Honestly, I cannot breathe anymore. I was just jumping up and down in front of the computer, trying to hold in my excitement and overflowing joy when I come to realize that I have to go to Ortigas tomorrow to apply for a job there.. And Ortigas is where Shangri-La Hotel is located… and Shangri-La Hotel is where Super Junior’s gonna stay for the concert… And Super Junior is coming LATER.
I can’t really think straight and I can’t breathe well. Finally, after almost a year of anticipating and praying to God that they come here, it’s gonna be tomorrow that my dreams will come true.
And I am freaking excited. ^^
I don’t care if not all fifteen of them will come. Just as long as there is a group called Super Junior who’s gonna be here, and who’s gonna make me experience the best concert there is. ^^
Indeed, God is fair. Yes, I’m going through a lot of difficulties today but here’s God’s reward to me. And He can really never be wrong. He knows what I really want, and what I really need.
God knows how much I love Super JuniorAnd He’s giving me them tomorrow. ^^
Can’t really be grateful enough.
I love you, my Lord.

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