Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Lee Donghae…

Indeed, you are the Filipino favorite. Fish.
You are the first Super Junior member whom I have laid my eyes upon. You were at our side, you came from under the stage and you were standing like a statue – gorgeous and sexy.
Then I started screaming and you started dancing. The other members started appearing too. But I was focused on you. You were so like how I see you on pictures and videos – only better.
I can’t remember what you did for the introduction. But I am so sure that your chest was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen that night. You are so flawless as any members. You’re one of the official definitions of the word “HOT”.
You know what? I have always wanted to give you something but the concert caught me off guard. I told myself before that I want to give you an MYMP CD since you’re listening to them before. I was really envious of those girls whose gifts you’ve accepted and who possessions you’ve kissed. OMG. I was seriously thinking of trying to push myself in to kiss you.
During Angela, I had fun watching you hiding behind Yesung when Siwon was trying to get close to you. And Hyukjae was just smiling at you. Maybe he’s thinking that nobody could really take you away from him, and that’s certainly a Eunhae moment.
Then the hug you shared with the anchovy in the very middle of the stage, it was one of the cutest hug ever. You guys are so sweet. I wish I get to hug you too. By the way, your solo performance was terribly awesome, sexy and special since I looked forward to your dance duet with Hyuk.
Then… the Who Am I performance. I was crying the whole time and God knows how happy I was to see you all singing in English. All my biases were there! And your facial expression while singing the “Whom shall I fear?” part was totally priceless.
I wish ABS-CBN gets to give you a chance to do a drama here. You are a good actor and I know you’ll be happy if it happens.
Because you’ll be making the Filipinos happy. Because you’ll make Super Junior proud.

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