Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Lee Sungmin…

I have to admit this, Sungmin-oppa. Teukkie was there at the concert but you were the most perfect thing that night. Your happiness radiates and in an instant, Minnie… YOU BECAME MY NUMBER 2.
It started when you carried Wookie during the Angela performance, and your facial expression to show us that your muscles are cramping. You were so cute. Wookie was enjoying himself in your arms, and I wonder who wouldn’t? Aissh. I was so envious but boy was I so happy to see the two of you sharing that kind of sweetness.
The way you sat during the She Wants It performance, I just want to go up on stage and then run to you before Teukkie appeared and then kiss you on the spot. I was really into your presence that night. I just couldn’t take my eyes off you then. I wonder how could it be so easy for you to be that cute?
It’s the fourth day after the concert and I seriously cannot remember most of what you did during the concert. You weren’t on our side often, anyway. But you know what? There is one thing I’ll never forget, Minnie: It’s the way you laugh when you were collecting those condoms and thongs with Teukkie. And it’s how you got that box of briefs from the leader.
The way you laugh, Minnie, was contagious. Your bright face and aura is continuously playing over and over again in my memory. And I’m loving it. It’s just so great to see you in person, laughing authentically, and not caring about netizens might say of you when you go back to Korea. You were just laughing at the leader like you’re both little kids. The best thing was when you knelt and almost died laughing. The way you sat that night too was priceless.
YOU ARE SO PRICELESS, Minnie. And I wish I get to tell you that in person.
And when you got up and showed Hyuk the rolled thong, I remembered EHB. LOL. Seriously, I remembered your fox-like reaction when you ‘betrayed’ Shindong during that food eating task. LOL.
Aisssh. I seriously need a Super Show 3. And I mean it, I’ll be starting and heading a fan project for you too. I swear.
Minnie, please just continue being the cutest person that you are. I love you. ♥

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