Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Need Geng Back.. :’(

I am currently listening to Super Junior M’s Blue Tomorrow and it’s as if every voice I hear is of Geng. I know it’s kinda weird but that soft, mellow voice? It resonates inside my head.
Maybe, I’ve just been missing Geng a lot. I’ve never expected that it would be this tough. I have been to a really happy Super Show 2 but I can never deny the fact that there’s still something missing.
You guys may ask me, who do I focus on this one Chinese member when there are two other Korean members who weren’t there too. The answer is pretty simple. With the other two, the issues are suspension and absence, but with Geng, it could be goodbye… :’(
Sometimes, I feel like throwing questions and condemnations at Hangeng and SM Entertainment. As an ELF, I seriously want to know the truth, but since I’m an ELF, there’s bias on it, of course. I want Geng to go back to Super Junior and I want SM Entertainment to give the boys whatever they deserve.
But I am JUST AN ELF who can do nothing but just pray and hope that things will go back to normal soon. God knows how much I’ve been longing to see them all again – together and happy  just like the way they used to, just like the old times.
The song still continues. It’s still Geng’s voice I’m hearing and his face I’m seeing. I’m close to crying now, my mind and heart wouldn’t listen to much command to stop.
For the fear lives on. I don’t want one less member. Because it’s 15 that I need. And I need not a Blue Tomorrow. I need Geng back. :’(

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