Friday, April 9, 2010

Atleast, Privacy is Still Possible.

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This picture… says a lot. Stare at it. Feel its composition. Know that it is Heechul in the photo.
It just seems so relaxing.
Heenim has always been famous. He has always been so popular in and out of South Korea. We cannot blame him for that. With anybody who’s as beautiful and as witty as the legendary Kim Heechul, there is no wonder why he’s up on the pedestal.
Seriously, I am not so used to seeing him without anybody around. When I saw this, I told myself… “Finally, there is a moment that I saw Heenim alone. It means, there is even just the shortest moment that they enjoy their privacy.”
Now, Super Junior is in Manila. I believe this was taken before they flew to the Philippines. It’s an awesome feeling I can’t contain. Thus, my randomness takes over. ^^

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