Sunday, April 11, 2010

To Lee Hyukjae…

Well, you made me worried. And I’m just so glad that you turned out to be just okay.
Well, yeah, I have this feeling that you were just forcing yourself that night. I know you weren’t feeling well. Probably because of too much practice back in Seoul for the 4jib. You even felt sorry for us that morning. But I’m just so glad that God answered my prayers, he made you feel better.
Hyukjae-oppa, you were one of the few who keeps on going back to our section. You always smile at us and sings at us like there’s no tomorrow. You and Hae were the sexiest last night for me. You were hot as ever.
The Eunhae moment, it was special. I was actually waiting for that. I was trying to take a picture of you together but my fail cellphone camera wouldn’t let me. :’( Nevertheless, I saw you, and with that I’m contented.
The chest pops you did in Neorago were the coolest ever. I have seen that stance for a few times but boy was it different when you see it live. I felt like my chest is popping too. I seriously want to dance with you.
I can’t get over you, Hyuk. You were really hyped last night. Though it’s obvious that you’re not feeling well.. And oh, when you went out wearing that black leather coat with something on your shoulder (I can’t remember, sorry.. Was that during the Temptation of Sonata?) I went crazy. You were so sexy and so hot with that attire. I saw you once on that, and when I saw you again last night, it was the same feeling. WOW.
I can’t really remember what else you’ve done there at the Araneta Coliseum. My mind was wandering too much that I couldn’t concentrate. But yeah, you’ve got to know that I may not be able to turn into words my memories of you, it’ll remain there as JOY. :)
And the highlight? You’re portrayal of Victoria… And the crossed sit-ups you did with Minnie, Donghee and Teuk. :)
Oh, but the best thing of all is when you got hold of the red thong meant as a birthday present to you. ^^ I wish I was able to give you something great too. :))
Really, Hyuk, I wish to see you soon again. Can’t wait for the 4jib. and the Super Show 3. :)

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