Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Tangible Security

Okay. So I am a June baby but in my finger right now is a gold ring with a Sapphire stone on it. Yeah. Sapphire Blue, that is.
This wasn’t even a gift for graduation. I asked my mom if I could have it. At first, she wouldn’t give it to me since it’s her birthstone but after some bribes, I got it as a graduation gift.
She keeps on asking why I want it when I should be wearing pearls instead. And I would say it’s really beautiful.


Wearing a ring with Sapphire on it makes me feel more secured. It’s literally having a part of Super Junior in me. It’s like assuring myself that I am an E.L.F.,and for forever I’ll be one.
I know it’s quite exaggerated. But to hell with people who will think I’m over acting. Not everybody would understand how safe it is to feel like Super Junior’s just here; and not everybody knows what kind of hope the color of Sapphire Blue is giving us all, E.L.F.s.
I guess this is one of the million benefits exclusive for the citizens of the Sapphire Blue world. It’s not always that people get to appreciate the simplest things, and find the greatest meanings of it. I don’t know how to explain it further, but to put it in the simplest words: Only the true E.L.F.s could understand each other.
And I know, you do understand how joyful I am with this Sapphire ring in my finger. I need not to explain further.

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