Friday, June 15, 2012

Are We Nearing Goodbye?

Truth be told, I don't feel any excitement about the 6jib. Don't get me wrong though. It's just that I feel it was  so rushed, I wasn't even able to prepare.

But the comeback is actually far from my real concerns when it comes to Super Junior. My attention is really on the fact that we're really getting there.

Park Jungsu is really entering the army soon.

Honestly? I don't know what to feel. But I think I'll be fine. I've stayed away long enough to test myself and I realized that I'll be able to get through it.

I think I really have to tell it here (although not many would really care).

When I got my Mr. Simple and as I listen to all the tracks, one particular struck me like lightning: My Love, My Kiss, My Heart. I didn't really look for its translation but as music never fails to find its way to me, I had the inkling of what that song was trying to say: Goodbye.

I can still remember how I talked to Danica that night, crying as I type the words I've always dreaded to say. The 5JIB presented itself to me in a deeper manner. It's more than just being the fifth album of Super Junior. It's more than just new songs.

To me, the Mr. Simple album was like a subliminal instrument to tell me, and all of us in this fandom, that they're about to take their own paths, quite far from us.

Since then, I have forced myself not to pay too much attention anymore. Since then, I built walls around my fragile heart. Because as everyone knows and as how I've always pointed out, I am weak when it comes to parting. I realized then that I have to get myself used to not being with them, so that when the time comes, I wouldn't have to hurt so much.

Because no matter how much I try to deny, it will hurt like hell if Jungsu leaves.

That's when I focused my attention on other groups... So now that 6JIB is about to be released, I feel like I'm starting to get lost again. Honestly, I am torn between just keeping the distance or going back to the place which I've missed so much but fear a lot.


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