Saturday, April 20, 2013


I've learned this the hard way and I suggest that you don't. It's gonna be a horrible thing when you start regretting how much bridges you've burned and how much feelings you've hurt just because of bashing every single thing about everyone. 

KPOP is meant to promote cooperation among fans. NOT HATE. NEVER HATE. People don't grow by hating anyone. Fandoms don't, too. Your idols' popularity won't skyrocket when you hate on others' biases. You just start a war by doing that. And war are for idiots. 

Hating is never healthy. Believe me. And bashing what you hate to promote what you love is what scumbags do. Good is not determined by pointing out the bad. Remember that. 

Now, if you're not ready to apply this in your life. Then I am telling you, you're not ready to be in this world.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

    I really love this blog! It always uplifts me!!!!


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