Monday, April 30, 2012

Be Fine

I… closed the door, not letting anyone in..
And cried just like that ㅠㅠ
Members I love you~ thank you!
Lee Sungmin's Naver Blog, April 30 '12
Kor to Chi Trans: | Chi to Eng trns by @paperheartsmin

I don't know what happened and even though curiosity is killing me big time, I don't want to dig deep on whatever that happened because this is something personal which I think we will never get to discover from Lee Sungmin.

But I hope and I pray that he's better now that he's back in Korea. A lot of things might have happened while they were in Jakarta and those things might have pained him so much to lock himself up in a room and cry.

But whaetever it is, I really hope he's fine now.

And just now, it hits me...

A part of me is actually hoping that Sungmin was referring to how he was before Super Junior. It's not a secret that this man is a very secretive person, right?

But who knows.

Whatever. I just want Sungmin to be okay.

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