Monday, February 20, 2012

We Deserve SS4 Manila

I got to watch Super Show 4 in Singapore but the first blog that I have to make is about SS4 Manila... and how much I would do anything just to have it again.

Manila has been a stop since Super Show 2. Since we are a third world country and we are really striving hard for the ticket sales, we manage to pull off two great one-night shows (SS2 and SS3). Fans may have been a little passive during SS2 but on SS3, we have proven the world that we have what it takes to impress the boys.

But now, Manila was scraped off the list for the reason that the stage won't fit. I saw the one in Singapore. Yes, it really wouldn't fit. Especially if it's gonna be held at Araneta. But just like how everybody says and what we have always been saying, SS3 stage was redesigned. Why can't they do that with SS4? Because of the water fountains? The railings? The cranes? The moving stage? The balloons?

Come on. It just doesn't make sense. Dream Entertainment, please understand that Gaia was right. Even if we use only the main stage, we wouldn't care. We could just bring water guns to get them wet. We could manage without balloons falling from above. We could tolerate if there aren't cranes. SO LONG AS THEY ARE HERE.

I am getting depressed. I wanted to do something that would make them feel special. I wanted to hear them say thank you Manila or Philippines, coz that would probably be the only time my country will get remembered by these boys.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to share that my friend and I were in Bangkok this past weekend to see SS4. We watched the first show and someone remembered to greet the Philippines...I think it was Leetuk. He was naming countries/greeting the many elfs in attendance. There's also a video on youtube of him saying "Mabuhay Philippines" during Marry You.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that SM will change it's mind and include us on the tour...Indonesia just got confirmed a few days ago. But you're right...I don't need the fancy stage, so long as they are here.

    1. Yup. :) It was actually Siwon who mentioned the Philippines during the first day. :) i've put here my thoughts about Jungsu remembering us :) I hope you can find time to read it too.

      I'm also hoping. I am praying. We're even praying novenas! hahaha :) There are lots of ways to bring them here, i just don't know why people wouldn't. lol.

      Anyway, thank you for dropping by. :)


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