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Thank You for Staying Strong, Henry.

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I guess I need not to deny the fact that I went to Super Show 4 Singapore for Jungsoo. But as things have eventually gone complicated and for some personal reasons, I saw myself paying more attention to the fact that I’m going to see Henry again. Yes, as February 18 came close, I realized that what I was actually looking forward to is seeing the youngest perform Lighter in front of my very eyes.

And the most awaited date came. 

I was one of the people who helped StringswithHenry distributethe banners inside the stadium. When I was first asked by Zhen if I would agree, the first thing that came to my mind was 'Are there Only13 there?' She told me that it was a question she has no answer for. That quite rattled me. Honestly, I am afraid of encountering people who do not support Henry and Zhoumi because I am afraid that I might burst. It might not be obvious but I am so protective when it comes to this maknae so I don't want to get into any confrontation, especially that I am in other country. 

But thank God, nobody rejected the banner when I gave it to them. Some are even thrilled that there were Henry banners being provided. Cutting the story short, it was a smooth job for me.

And then the concert started. I don't want to talk about Jungsoo anymore so let me head straight to the times when Henry came out. 

excuse my sandwich. hehe

If I am not mistaken, the first time he appeared on stage was for his solo. I tell you, I was literally crying, while raising my StringswithHenry towel (AND I'VE GOT TO THANK WEILING FOR FORCING TELLING ME TO BUY A TOWEL OTHERWISE I WOULD'VE GONE REGRETFUL.) Since the second stop of SS4, I knew already that I will do everything just to hear Henry sing Lighter live. It was a meaningful song to me, and I really was sooooo proud of him when he was singing it:

This one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be.
With my arms out wide, I open my eyes and now, all I wanna see
is a sky full of lighters... a sky full of lighters.

You and I know what it's like to be kicked out, forced to fight.
But tonight, we're alright.
So hold up your lights, let it shine.

I may not be there yet when Henry first started (along with Zhoumi, of course) but I am not an idiot not to know that this kid had actually gone through a lot before he was eventually accepted by people. Although there were still somepeople who doesn't really like them, at least he now is strong enough to stand on stage alongside his hyungs. 

Basically, Henry's life as a Super Junior member is a success story. Lighter could really pass up as his anthem. After years of struggles and pain and hardships, he is now where he should be. And although I have always been so proud of him, I know that from this day forward, I'll really be raising up my lighters to him.

During SS4 Singapore, I realized how great Henry is as a person. Okay, here's the account:  Strings with Henry decided to hold the project in our area and in Pen A. My friends and I were in Section 212 at the balcony while Weiling and her friends were at the standing area. During Henry's solo, we were holding out our banners and although I didn't notice, Weiling said that it was really successful coz everyone was raising it up.

Then after the solo, Henry frequented our area. And that's actually the first time I saw him staying in a section aside from the main stage (well except in the Philippines where he is practically everywhere.) Jungsoo was usually there too because in front of us was his banner and a lot of his towels (since we're there and in front of us are representatives of AngeLeeteuk) but it was the bratty maknae who I was mostly paying attention to. He was just there and he even looked up on us because there were only two of us raising his towels on the upper area. 

Okay. I'm getting lost. So fast forward?

There was this part (I forgot the song) when he was thrown two towels of Strings with Henry. Probably it was Weiling who did and Henry managed to catch it. The maknae even got his own banner and it was really cute seeing him admiring the project which was started solely for him. He took the two towels and the banner and he put it on the sides. From how I've known it, he must have been trying to save it coz he probably wants to bring it backstage after the concert.

Then he went back to his position and then he was thrown something. He read the message there and then he looked at the one who threw it, and then he raised it up and mouthed 'THANK YOU'. I was at the 8th row of balcony section but I clearly saw his mouth move to say those words. This is funny but I guess I have to admit that I actually teared up after seeing that scene.

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That was when I realized that if there's one member who knows how to appreciate fans the most, it would be Henry. I know that other members have actually did the same thing already but I guess it's more special when it came from someone who actually had to go through needle holes all his life as an idol. It's more sincere. It's more authentic. It's more real. 

Like how Zhen said, "Because he doesn't have many fans(in the past), now every single one is important. ^^" That basically summarizes everything.

Just last night, I tweeted Henry some sweet words. I thanked him for existing and for proving me and this world that the most important thing to reach your dreams is to stay strong. He imparted me that message unknowingly and I'll forever be thankful for it. 

Henry and I are of the same age. I'm even older by a few months but so what? it's fun learning from people who are younger than you anyway. ^_^ Especially if it's Henry. =)

I know I didn't make sense in this post, but I just want to somehow express how I'm really feeling right now. It's not that I don't care about Jungsu anymore. It's just that I want the world to know that Henry Lau deserves all the love in the world. 

So Henry, as you are a ninja, I am hoping that you would come across this post and realize that one night and you managed to change someone's life in an instant. And I know I'm not the only one. So yeah, keep on reaching the stars and just focus on attaining your goals. We'll be behind you, protecting you always. :)

Stay strong. Stay beautiful. Stay humble. 

I love you, brat. More than anyone else now.

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