Monday, June 14, 2010

Atleast, Say Goodbye.

Don’t cover your ears, Geng. I know you can hear us. I know you hear our pleas. And I know you know where your heart is… really.
I know you went through a lot. SM wasn’t so nice with you. I understand. But… you left just before 2010 started… And after six months, have you decided already?
You have a new album… Nirvana Renew. Now, you’re free. Now you’re new. But… what about us, Geng? What about us? What about us.
I have nothing against you, doing solo projects. But please, do not be on your own. We’ve been through a lot. Why give up now? Your brothers are waiting for you.Your brothers are loving you up to the very end. Everybody’s waiting for you to come back.
We’re left with no clue. 2010 started without you. We keep on saying, it’s our time again, but the truth is, it’s never completely ours. Because you’re missing.
Yeah. Kangin and Kibum are not with us too. But at least, we know where they are.At least…. nothing.
You put us in a state of knowing nothing. Do we need not to know? Aren’t we worthy enough to know what’s happening?
Okay, let’s compromise.
I’ve said before that I’m letting you go if that’s what you want. But please, don’t take us by surprise. Atleast, say goodbye.


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