Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bottomline is… Super Junior.

There is no better way in procuring success than starting there – right at the lowest.
We tend to think a lot like were always at the lowest point of our lives. But what we fail to realize is that it is a part of this one whole rollercoaster ride. It is part of the adventure. It is part of the challenge.
Everyone, we experience to be at the lowest so we may know how it feels to be there. God allows us to feel the depression and pain so we may not let others feel such way when we start to move forward and step up.
We cannot be masters unless we know how it feels to be servants. So if you think you’re at the bottom point of everything, serve your life well while you’re there. For now, your life is your master. But do not worry, do not fear. God has better plans. Just keep in mind that whatever that happens to you right at this very moment, and all the things that follow, are mere preparations for something a lot greater.
Remember what Jamie Sullivan said? God has bigger plans for her, than what she has for herself. Yes, that applies to us too.
Because after all, you are not meant to be forever at the bottom. You are in a cycle so you have the chance to be at the top.
Right now, I feel that way. But I thought of plans to counteract the depression. I indulge myself on what I want, on what I like. Not necessarily things that make me spend money, but things that actually put a smile on my face just when I thought that nothing else could ever do so.
I’m indulging myself with Super Junior.  And I am telling you, things are becoming a lot easier now.

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