Monday, September 27, 2010

Can I Tell You Where It Hurts?

Why is that sad look in your eyes
Why are you crying?
Tell me now
Tell me why you’re feelin’ this way
I hate to see you so down, oh baby!
I wonder why things have to be complicated. I wonder why I have to hurt. The sadness cannot be hidden. I cannot deny the fact that I’m in pain. If only I could have someone to talk to… No. If only I could face the truth that I am also vulnerable… and that I need to talk to someone.
Is it your heart that’s breakin’ all in pieces
Makin’ you cry
And makin’ you feel blue
Is there anythin’ that I can do
Is it really my heart that is breaking? or is it my faith that I cannot hold intact. Is there anything anybody can do? Well. Yeah. There is something one can do. There is always something people can do for me. Because I’m no Super Girl. I need all the help I can get from others. I need all the assistance. I need all the love and support and care.
Because I need to have the things I cannot give myself.
Why don’t you tell me where it hurts now, baby
And I’ll do my best to make it better
Yes, I’ll do my best to make those tears all go away
Just tell me where it hurts
Now, tell me
And I love you with a love so tender
Oh and if you let me stay
I’ll love all of the hurt away
How can I ever say where it hurts? How can I ever know? Things are getting blurry each day I wake up and no matter how hard I try to clear my mind from things which hurt me, the pain stills stays. It does not leave. It clings to me like I deserve it for the rest of my life.
I have no idea where it hurts. And if ever I do, I don’t have an idea whom to tell it to.
Where are all those tears coming from
Why are they falling?
somebody, somebody, somebody left your heart in the cold
You just need somebody to hold on, baby
These tears… These invisible tears. I feel so stupid for not knowing where it’s coming from. The random thoughts this post contains, I have no idea how I managed to write this all up. I AM HURTING. And that is all everybody has to know.
I really just need somebody to hold on to. But I’ve been asking for mercy since day one but no one bothered to reach out for my extended arms.
This is crazy. I totally have no idea what is happening with myself.
Give me a chance
To put back all the pieces
Take hold of your heart
Make it just like new
There’s so many things that I can do
Chance? How do we define chance? A second opportunity? A comeback? A rise from a fall? Chances are not for me. I have been trying to prove myself for the longest time… not to other people, but to myself. Yeah, I’m battling with the person inside of me. I’m fighting with the person that never seems to give up.
How can I make it new? How can I start again? It’s not like life’s gonna change when I press the reset.


I need a little break from all of these.
Connection with the song? I need someone to sing me this. I need someone to ask where I’m hurting.
I need someone to tell me to get a grip off everything.

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