Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life After Death

I am a Catholic and I believe in life after death. I believe that when my soul departs my body after I die, I will go to either heaven or hell. If it’s in hell, I’m gonna suffer million times worse than my sufferings here on Earth. But if I’m going to heaven, I am surely going to have everything I wasn’t able to have while living.
And when that time comes, I know Jungsoo’s gonna be there.
Well, yeah, exaggerated again. But while I was procrastinating in the office, I honestly thought what if I meet Jungsoo in the next life? What if God gives me a chance to be with His angel? What if I have him then?
The thought excites me. It makes me want to die so I may just wait for him up there. I’m fed up with my life right now. I just want it to end.
But when I saw Jungsoo’s face in my daydream, I realized that life after death is something to prepare for. It is not in an instant that one soul enters the gate of heaven. There are qualifications. There are requirements. And those things can be fulfilled while still on Earth.
I knew it. I’ve got a mission to accomplish first. A lot of people depend on me; and though I’ve got nobody else to depend to, I have to stay strong – stronger than ever; because if I want to see Jungsoo in my life after death, I have to work for it, hard.
Yeah, laugh at me, all you want. Call me crazy and stupid. I don’t give a damn. I know what my mission is already. I know what I should do. And I am certain that I will get through.
And when I finally enter the gates of heaven, one familiar angel will be opening the gates for me – someone whose taste I’ll please, someone whose language I can understand, someone I have loved all my life… Someone named Jungsoo.

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