Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yesterday morning, I was tweeting when I learned of a new surprise. Something which made me jump off my feet. Good thing I was alone in the office when I knew about it or my officemates might have thought that I AM GETTING CRAZY.
But anyway, I WAS CRAZY THEN. Until now.
Because out of nowhere, without any signs, Super Junior released a BRAND NEW SONG. Well, not for an album, but an OST for a movie which features DBSK’s Yunho. ^_^
It was one hell of a beauty. It is so sweet and spazz-worthy. For the whole day, it got me smiling and hysterical. The melody is so flattering like the boys are really singing it for you. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin and Donghae nailed it right and boy, it got me on my knees when I heard Hyukjae rap.
The message is so honest. It’s a confession. It’s a very sweet confession. I couldn’t understand much of it but thank God because the parts I was able to translate gave me a good idea of what the song really is.
But you know what made me even crazier?
My name is in the title. ANGEL.
When I shared this story to my officemates, they laughed at me and accused me of being exaggerated and over-acting. They said it’s not like they know me and the song is dedicated for me. I got them annoyed and they didn’t talk to me much for the rest of that day.
But I’m okay.
You know what, it’s not because I think it’s for me that I love the song so much. It’s the feeling of being so special that of all the terms, it’s ANGEL that has been chosen to be the title of a very beautiful song. It’s the feeling of once again seeing a connection between me and my most loved group.
Although Jungsoo isn’t part of it, I can’t be any happier. Angel is the title of the song, and who doesn’t know who the angel is? Figuratively, he’s still there. I’m sure that in a way or another, we share the same excitement over our names being there.
Yes. Angel is my name. And I couldn’t be any more grateful to my parents for having baptized with it. I am very thankful that I have learned to appreciate my name more.
After all, it’s how I am known to people I love, and how I will be known to others who will definitely be a part of who I am going to be. ^_^

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