Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jungsoo Never Fails.

It never fails.
I am very much incoherent this day. I don’t even know if I have written the right articles for the right topics, or if I have checked the right sites. Honestly, I don’t think nothing has gone right for this day.
Well, except for one.
I didn’t know that they’re gonna shoot the Chuseok Special of MBC today. They were at the Mokdong Baseball Stadium competing against the artists of other companies. Well, not just that such sports even happens rarely, but because somehow, in the midst of all the fun and joy, Jungsoo managed to prove to me that I did one right thing today.
I held on.
We’re down to twelve from fifteen. It hurts, yeah. Though I have not been a fan since day one, I can say that I started when all fifteen of them are there. I have witnessed the crucial parts and I’m not idiot not to say that it pained me.
But the Jungsoo on the Mokdong Stadium have proven me that nothing changed. We’re down to twelve but we’re keeping it alive. Though I have just been seeing him in pictures tweeted by friends, his smile never fails to remind me that he’s protecting Super Junior.
And that I have the responsibility to do that too.
But here is the catch. I’m not obligated, but I have chosen to do so. Because I love them like that. Because I love him like that.
Jungsoo never fails. He always amuses me.
This is a random post that came from the heart. I don’t plan to edit it, btw. ^^ Sorry for being so random. :)

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